Automotive Diagnostic Service

Superstition Motors Ltd is an advanced automotive diagnostic testing center. We can perform all the basic tests you would expect from an auto repair facility. And we perform advanced diagnostic tests only a few shops offer.

Advanced diagnostic testing requires high technology equipment and highly skilled technicians to conduct the tests and interpret test results. We have both.

Why Use a Center Like Our?

First, we will save you money by catching problems early.

Much like a dentist, who can spot tooth decay long before you feel pain in your jaw, we can tell if there is something wrong with your car before you feel it, hear it or your check engine light comes on.

Most of us see the dentist twice a year. We get dental x-rays maybe every other year. Regular check-ups are a part of preventative dentistry. It is the same with your car.

Second, when there is something wrong, we will pinpoint the failing component. You will not be faced with a poorly trained mechanic guessing what is wrong – and replacing one part after another hoping to solve the problem.

When You Come to Us

When you bring your car to us, either with a specific complaint or for a routine visit, we will review your car’s overall condition and service history. We will ask if you have any specific concerns and explain the tests available.

We will recommend only the test(s) you need based on your concerns, the age, mileage and use of our car. If we find something, we will discuss the test results and explain what they mean. If you need a repair, we will give you the option of letting us do it, or taking your vehicle elsewhere.

Often when we get an abnormal test result, you have time to plan the repair. You do not have to correct it immediately. You can also seek a second opinion if you are unsure of the best way to proceed.

Of course, if it is an immediate safety hazard, we will let you know.

Automotive Diagnostic Tests

We offer a wide variety of automotive diagnostic tests for cars, trucks, diesel, hybrid and electric vehicles. These tests include performance of engines, transmission, braking (ABS), electrical, charging, transfer case and suspension systems.

We specialize in electronic component signature testing and can perform over one million vehicle-specific component tests. For more information about available tests, call us. To see our vehicle test list click here.

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