Diesel Repair and Maintenance

Why should you choose Superstition Motors Ltd for diesel repair and maintenance in El Cajon?  Because we understand diesel owners and we understand light and medium duty trucks.

We know owners buy diesels for their reliability and power. Diesels last a long time and rarely need repair.

That does not mean you can ignore routine maintenance. Regular oil changes and periodic inspections are important. Why?

In addition to the needs of all engines, some popular diesel engines suffer from fuel dilution. This is where unburnt fuel escapes into the vehicle’s oil pan, contaminating the oil and reducing its lubricating properties. Others have problems with emission control equipment.

Emission Controls

Today’s diesels are not like your grandfather’s truck. They are loaded with emission controls. These controls include EGRs, catalytic converters, diesel particulate filters and urea injection systems. Most problems you will experience with your diesel are related to a lack of attention to maintenance of these systems.

We can handle your routine maintenance needs. And in the event you need that unusual repair, we have certified diesel mechanics on staff to repair your vehicle.

We can reprogram your diesel’s computer (PCM) and install updates to reflect new factory specifications.

Should you be one of those unfortunate owners of a Ford 6.0 litre engine, we replace head gaskets and offer in-house machine shop services.

We can handle any vehicle that does not need a Class A license to operate.  This generally means a two-axle vehicle with a GVW of less than 26,000 pounds which does not have an air brake system.

For all your repair and maintenance needs, visit us at Superstition Motors.  We will keep you truckin’ along.

Synthetic Oils and Lubricants for Diesel Vehicles

We recommend use of synthetic oils and lubricants. For more information about synthetic oils, see our Repair Education article: Your Motor Needs Oil.

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