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Superstition Motors should be your first stop for ASE certified El Cajon auto electric service. We can change a headlamp, replace a fuse, or completely rewire your vehicle.

The basics of a vehicle electrical system are still the same. There is still a battery, alternator, starter, cables and connectors.

The Basics

Batteries must be clean, charged and with good connections. We stock Exide and Interstate batteries.

Alternators must charge properly, have good belt tension and good electric connections.

Starters must be clean and have good connections.

Cables must be serviceable and free of rust and corrosion.

But servicing electrical systems is more than just replacing a battery, a head light or dealing with a defective switch for an electric window.

Finding Electrical Problems

Many vehicle performance problems are caused by issues in a vehicle’s electrical systems.

Is there a “whine” in your stereo?  It could be a bad ground or a defective noise filter on your ignition.

Does your transmission shift incorrectly? It could be a faulty diode in your alternator.

Is the check engine light on your dash glowing amber? That code – indicating a misfire or vehicle speed sensor malfunction – may be caused by radio frequency (RF) interference.

Today, more and more vehicle functions are monitored by sensors and relayed to computers through electrical systems. To correctly diagnose these problems you need special equipment including an oscilloscope and a graphing digital multimeter.

The Best in El Cajon Auto Electric Services

We have this equipment and ASE certified electrical component technicians. We have an ASE certified master collision technician on staff and experience dealing with collision damage related auto electric problems. Our experience includes replacing electrical harnesses damaged by under-hood fires and doing restoration wiring on custom vehicles.

No job is too large or too small. Come see us. We offer the best in El Cajon auto electric services.

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