Engine Repair & Performance

If your engine stops running, you are either out of gas, or you need engine repair. If your engine runs, but is not giving you the power you expect, you need to improve engine performance. Both engine repair and improving engine performance are technical jobs requiring specialized diagnostic equipment, online data services and experienced technicians.

At Superstition Motors Ltd we see gasoline and diesel engines on a regular basis. Not only can we accurately diagnose problems, we can disassemble your engine and repair internal parts at our in house machine shop. We are one of the few El Cajon auto repair shops that can do this.

Maintaining Your Engine

As an engine ages, internal parts wear. Deposits can build up inside. An overheated engine can cause a head gasket to fail, a valve to burn or warping of an internal surface.

If you own a newer vehicle, our job is to keep these things from happening – or to put them off as long as possible. On your first visit we will set up a maintenance schedule tailored to your specific vehicle. With good care the engines from some vehicle manufacturers will last for 200,000 to 250,000 miles.

If your vehicle is older and is experiencing performance issues, we can tell you what is going on and repair most problems before they leave you stranded on the side of the road with an engine failure.

Engine Repair

If your engine has failed, or you need major repairs, we have the ability to completely tear down your engine, recondition it with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts whenever possible and get you on the road again.

We have a complete engine rebuilding shop. (See our section on Automotive Machine Services.) We will also do engine swaps and provide custom engine services.

For those of you with diesel engine vehicles, we offer Diesel Services.


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