Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Modern hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) have been on the market since 1999. Sales have increase dramatically since 2007. Many repair shops are reluctant to service these vehicles. Why?

Because hybrids contain two engines. One is a conventional gasoline engine. The other a high voltage electric motor. Most auto repair shops lack the trained technicians and specialized equipment needed to handle electric engines and their high tech control systems. Hybrids also have regenerative braking systems.

At Superstition Motors Ltd we understand hybrids. We will gladly diagnose and replace batteries. And we will provide the routine maintenance needed to keep your hybrid vehicle running for years.

Hybrid vehicles are a big investment. Hybrid owners pay a premium for these cars – partly for the environment – and partly because their cost of operation is less than many conventional vehicles.

Like all vehicles, hybrids need maintenance services. They need oil changes, brake service and periodic inspections to replace worn parts before they fail.

Hybrid vehicles last longer. This is because the gasoline engine in a hybrid does not have to work as hard. It does not wear out as quickly. The engines have extended maintenance intervals. But this does not mean you can ignore scheduled maintenance.

Did you know the rear brakes on hybrids wear out faster the the front brakes?  This is because regenerative braking systems slow the front wheels while your rear wheels use conventional pads and shoes.

If you are tired of going to the new car dealer for hybrid service – and paying dealership prices – you have an option. Bring your vehicle to us.

Superstition Motors is your headquarters for hybrid electric service in El Cajon. We are freeway close – take the El Cajon Blvd or Main Street off ramp from Interstate 8.  Click here for directions.

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