Major Repair Service

One of the things that separate us from the average auto repair shop is our ability to tackle major repair projects.

We have disassembled vehicles, replaced the frame, and reassembled the pieces to restore the car to original condition.

Major Repair Service

Big jobs like this require knowledge of every system in the vehicle.

Did your engine suffer a catastrophic failure? We can rebuild it or replace it with a new, used or reconditioned engine. We have an in-house automotive machine shop.

Did you have a fire in your engine compartment? We can completely rewire your car. Electrical Service.

Do you have a problem that other shops can’t seem to solve? We have extensive diagnostic testing capability and equipment.

Keep that Older Vehicle

With the cost of new vehicles going up, it sometimes makes sense to repair a well maintained older vehicle instead of spending hundreds of dollars a month on car payments.

We believe some of the finest vehicles ever made were manufactured between 1995 and 2005. Parts are still available for these vehicles making repair – even major repair – an attractive option for people who simply want reliable transportation.

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