Routine Maintenance

Many people think routine maintenance is a thing of the past.  It is not.

With the advent of fuel injection systems, cars no longer need frequent “tune-ups.” But that does not mean you can ignore oil changes, replacing filters, or inspecting systems for worn spark plugs, wires or parts.

Modern vehicles use an engine control module (ECM) to do the work of the distributor of old. Functions such as controlling timing and fuel mixture are handled by the ECM which is not subject to mechanical wear and tear.

Modern engines have different concerns. They rev higher, have tighter internal spacing, generate higher internal pressure and run hotter than their older cousins.

This means they need different oils, lubricants and coolants. This is why we stock high quality performance oils made by Amsoil and coolants designed specifically for your car.

Other routine services include:

Injector cleaning

Checking belts and hoses

Testing the battery – starter – charging system

Looking for leaks or obstructions

Checking tires for wear, rotation and inflation

If your car has passed the 60,000 mile mark, you may be due for replacement of your timing belt/chain, tensioners and water pump. Manufacturers specify the maintenance interval for this service which includes checking pulleys and idler bearings.

All these parts wear with age and can cause catastrophic engine damage if they break or fail. Let us check the manufacturer’s recommendation to see when this maintenance service is due for your vehicle.

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