Terms of Service

Every business has terms of service. We are no different. We want you to know up front what to expect, so here are the policies that guide the delivery of our service.


Terms of Service – Labor Rate

Our current labor rate for general repair and maintenance service is $95 per hour. Our rate for diagnostic service is $105 per hour. You will find these rates significantly below dealer rates. Our rates are low because we are attempting to build a base of 350 “charter customers.” It is our intention to keep the rates for charter customers below rates for comparable services at other major shops in the future.

Charter Customers

To become a charter customer, you must be amongst the first 350 persons to schedule and complete a repair service valued at $100 or more. Your vehicle must be a Toyota, Honda or Ford, car, SUV, van or light or medium duty truck. Owners of certain vehicles from other manufactures may be considered for charter customer status.

Charter customers must provide us with their name, address, telephone number, an e-mail address and consent to receive e-mail notifications. Charter customers receive information on discounts and specials which will not be available to the general public.

Our Competition

We are not attempting to compete with low end or “back yard mechanic” shops. Our focus is on quality and quality requires us to invest in facilities, equipment and experienced mechanics you may not find at a lesser shop.

We are also not competing with quickie oil change operators, franchise stores attached to auto parts retailers, or tire shops who offer repair services. These folk have their place, but they do not offer the range and quality of service you can expect from Superstition Motors Ltd.

Do it Yourself Repairs

We understand many services and minor repairs can by completed satisfactorily by do-it-yourselfers. We encourage vehicle owners to be concerned with their cars and we are willing to help. We know for example, that changing worn brake pads can be done at home by anyone with basic mechanical skills, the right tools and a little experience. A damaged rotor or a leaking brake cylinder discovered during the process, however, may be beyond the ability of the vehicle owner. We will turn a rotor for you, or order you a new part. We will complete an owner started repair if you tow the vehicle to our shop. Come see us.

Customer Supplied Parts

Sometimes a customer brings us a vehicle and wants to supply his or her own parts. We discourage this practice for two reasons. First, it is not uncommon for the customer to supply the wrong or inferior parts. Second, through our network of specialty parts suppliers, we can purchase many high quality parts for substantially less than the price available to the general public. We can mark up these parts – providing a profit to us – and still sell them to you for less than you can purchase them from a dealer or auto parts store.

We will in some cases install customer supplied parts. We reserve the right to decline the job. The labor rate for installation of customer supplied parts is $109 per hour. Our normal warranties do not apply. We cannot guarantee the parts or the labor to install them should the part(s) fail.


We guarantee our parts and service for 12 months or 12,000 miles unless otherwise noted on your repair estimate, bill or service invoice. If a covered part fails within the service limit we will deal with the manufacturer or supplier and we will replace and install the defective part at no cost to you. We cannot be responsible, however, for parts subject to neglect, abuse, or which have been tampered with by you or someone else.  We cannot be responsible for parts failures or damage if you neglect or fail to follow our service recommendation. An example of this would be a failure to return a vehicle with a replacement engine or transmission to us for a 500 mile check-up and fluid replacement.

We offer extended warranties on some parts and services at extra cost as a courtesy to our customers. Ask us about extended warranties if you are interested.


All service and repair bills are due on completion of the service/repair. Vehicles left beyond 72 hours after notice of completion is delivered to the address, phone or e-mail address on file with us are subject to storage charges. These charges may be waived by written agreement with us in advance. The current storage charge is $35 per 24-hour period.

Superstition Motors Ltd accepts cash, checks, MasterCard and Visa.

We also offer FlexPayPlus – an instant credit program which requires no credit check and instant approval – for up to $1200 if instant credit.  See shop for details.


To properly complete most repairs and alignment services it is necessary for our technicians to run your engine and test drive your vehicle. We expect, when delivered to us, your vehicle has at least one quarter (1/4) tank of gasoline. We will gladly add gasoline for you, and will automatically do so if it appears we are in danger of running out of gasoline. The charge for this service is twenty dollars ($20) plus the actual cost of the gasoline. This charge will be added to your service/repair bill.


As a courtesy to our customers, we will upload your repair history to the CARFAX database. This is a no cost option we offer to those customers who request it. If you are concerned about maintaining your new car warranty or enhancing the resale value of your car, you should consider this service.

Additional Terms

For additional information regarding terms of service or for questions not covered above, please contact us.

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