Tests and Inspection

We offer computerized tests and inspection to determine what is wrong with your car. This is more than reading an engine code reader when your check engine light comes on.

An engine code reader only tells you where to look and what might be wrong. It does not tell you what is causing the problem or which part has failed. That is why – unlike many dealerships – we will use our code reader to retrieve engine codes for you at no charge. We will only charge you for the additional tests and inspection necessary to identify the exact nature of the problem.

The key to saving you money is expert testing and inspection. Some shops and many dealerships make more money throwing parts at a problem than pin-pointing the precise defect. If you have ever been given an estimate to fix one part and walked away with a bill for replacing half a dozen others, you understand.

Replacing a whole system costs more than replacing the one part that caused the system to fail.

This is where tests and inspection comes in.

We will tell you whether the cost of testing to find the part that failed exceeds the cost of replacing multiple parts in a system. (Sometime parts are so inexpensive you just replace them.) We will tell you what we expect to find. And what it may cost to repair.

You get the benefit of our knowledge and experience. We will tell you what we find and let you make informed decisions about the repair of your car.

Buying a used car?

Bring it to us for a pre-purchase inspection. We will tell you if it has been in a major collision or if it has mechanical problems. We will tell you if it is a solid vehicle and what you will need to do to bring it into top running condition.

For a list of diagnostic inspections we can perform for you see: Vehicle Diagnostic Tests.

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