Vehicle Diagnostic Tests

Vehicle diagnostic tests are the best way to determine what is wrong with your car. It is a lot like going to the doctor.

When you go to a doctor with a health concern your doctor conducts a preliminary exam to arrive at a tentative diagnosis. If the situation warrants it, you may be sent for a blood test, a urinalysis or an x-ray. These tests are designed to look for indicators of specific conditions so an appropriate treatment can be recommended.

Superstition Motors Ltd is like your car’s doctor. We can conduct a wide variety of vehicle diagnostic tests to confirm or rule out specific problems so you don’t have to pay for parts or services you don’t need.

If Your Car is Sick…

If your car is sick, bring it to us. Here is a list of the vehicle diagnostic tests we perform.

Air Bag Operation
Air Conditioning Performance
Air Conditioning Leak Testing
Air Flow Meter
Automotive Alignment
Battery Load
Bleed Down
Bore Scope
Brake Fluid Content

Charging System Load
Coolant System Pressure
Combustible Gas
Comparative Compression Test (using current draw)

Leak Down
Copper content
Current Draw
Current Load

Cylinder Block Pressure
Magnetic Particle Inspection (MagFlux)
Cylinder Head Pressure

Diesel – Compression
Diesel- Boost
Diesel Fuel Delivery

Electronic Signature testing
Evaporative Emissions
Exhaust Gas Analysis

Fuel induction
Fuel Pressure
Fuel Injector
Graph Fuel Trim
Hybrid Load
Ignition Scope
Ignition Circuit – Primary
Ignition Circuit – Secondary

Inductive Current

Line Pressure

Oil Analysis
Oil Pressure
Oxygen Sensor Response

Oxygen Storage

Parasitic Draw
Propane Injection Response
Purge Valve
Refrigerant Identification
Cam Sensor
Crank position sensor
Wheel speed sensor

Suspension Testing
Torque Converter Stall
Voltage Drop
Volumetric Efficiency (VE)

With our advanced diagnostic equipment, Superstition Motors can conduct over one million vehicle specific component tests.

If you are tired of going from shop to shop. Or you just want your vehicle fixed. Come see us. You will be glad you did.

For more information about automotive diagnostic services, click here.

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