Vehicle Service Records

A vehicle service record is the history of the maintenance and repair of your car. Every vehicle should have one. All too often we are too busy to keep service records. That failure can cost money.

If you are like most people, you service your vehicle at more than one business. Sometimes you change oil at a quick service oil change center near your home. Other times you go to a place with a discount coupon. You buy tires at a warehouse outlet. Then go to an alignment shop when the steering pulls to the left. You buy a battery from an auto parts store and install it yourself. And you wait for something to go wrong before you head to the dealership or look for an auto repair shop.

When you buy automotive services this way, you may save a few bucks in the beginning. But no one (except you) is taking care of your car. The vendors are selling a one-time service or product and are relying on you to know what you need and when you need it. No one has your vehicle service records but you.

This can cost you money because routine maintenance can extend the life of your car. Changing fluids and filters regularly can extend the life of your engine, transmission and drive line. Changing some parts before they fail can eliminate damage caused by the failure.

On the other hand, changing fluids and other parts before the change is needed, is like pouring money down the drain.

When you purchase vehicle services cafeteria style no one has a complete picture of your vehicle service history except you. This is why we recommend you find a competent auto repair shop with service technicians you trust – then stick with them.

Good auto repair shops will maintain a vehicle service record for you. Each time you come in they will check to see what service is due and will inspect your vehicle for common problems.

You get updated information based on your vehicle’s history and current condition. You get advanced notice of maintenance needs so you can plan ahead. You get piece of mind and you don’t have to worry about saving paper receipts and invoices.

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