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New Cars Don’t Have Dip Sticks – A Guide to Transmission Maintenance and Service

Remember the days when transmission maintenance meant you periodically checked your transmission fluid level by pulling a metal dipstick from a tube alongside your engine? Well those days are rapidly coming to a close. Many new vehicles are doing away with the transmission dipstick and easily accessible tubes for adding fluid to your car’s transmission. Here is the reason for the change: a vehicle owner can damage a transmission by overfilling or putting the wrong transmission fluid in the car. Transmission fluid is not a generic item any more. Various manufacturers are installing fluids with specific formulas to match the precision internal components of modern transmissions. Use the wrong fluid and the transmission can fail long before the car’s new car...

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Your Motor Needs Oil

Your engine is made of metal and contains metal parts. Those metal parts move. To keep the moving parts from destroying themselves through physical contact with each other, engines are designed to distribute a thin film of lubricant across the surfaces where metal would meet metal. The lubricant is oil. Oil is the life blood of your car’s engine. Without it, internal movement of engine parts would create excessive heat and friction. Metal parts would expand and warp and dig into each other, quickly causing the engine to fail. Automotive motor oil forms a thin barrier between metal parts allowing them to slip past each other without touching. Modern oils contain additives. These additives include rust and corrosion inhibitors, detergents, oxidation inhibitors,...

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