Automotive Repair Abbreviations

Automotive repair abbreviations are shortcuts used by auto repair professionals to describe repair operations. They are part of the vocabulary of technicians.

You may encounter them when reviewing an automotive repair order or talking to a service adviser about your car. Here are a few of the common abbreviation in use today.

ABS – Anti-Lock Brake System

A/C – Air Conditioning

AC – Alternating Current

ACV – Air-Control Valve

AMSOil – High Quality Synthetic Oil

ARB – Air Resources Board

AS – Airflow Sensor

A/T – Automatic Transmission

ATC – Automatic Temperature Control

ATF – Automatic Transmission Fluid

ATV – All-Terrain Vehicle

AWD – All-Wheel Drive

AWR – Gross-Axle Weight Rating


BCM – Body Control Module


CAC – Charge Air Cooler

Cat – Catalytic Converter

CFC – Chlorofluorocarbon

CNG – Compressed Natural Gas

CO – Carbon Monoxide

CO2 – Carbon Dioxide

CPU – Central Processing Unit

CRT – Cathode Ray Tube

CTC – Coolant Temperature Sensor

CTV – Continuous Variable Transmission


DC – Direct Current

DIY – Do-It-Yourself

DRL – Daytime Running Lights

DOHC – Dual Overhead Cam

DOT – Department of Transportation

Dyno – Dynamometer

DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code


E85 – 85% Ethanol Blend Fuel

ECC – Electronic Climate Control

ECM – Electronic Control Module

ECU – Electronic Control Unit

EFI – Electronic Fuel Injection

EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation

EIN – Engine Identification Number

EMF – Electromotive Force

EV – Electric Vehicle

EVT – Electronic Valve Timing

EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation


GVW – Gross Vehicle Weight


HC – Hydrocarbon

HD – Heavy Duty

HEGOS – Heated Exhaust Gas-Oxygen Sensor

HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HP – Horse Power


I&A – Inspect and Advise

ICE – Internal-Combustion Engine

IFS – Independent Front Suspension

IRS – Independent Rear Suspension


LCD – Liquid Crystal Display

LF – Left Front

LR – Left Rear

LSD – Limited Slip Differential


MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure

MAS – Mass Airflow Sensor

MIG – Metal Inert Gas


NOX – Oxides of Nitrogen


OBD – On-Board Diagnostics

OBDII – On-Board Diagnostics, Second Generation

OE – Original Equipment

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OHC – Overhead Cam

OHV – Off-Highway Vehicle


PCV – Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PIN – Product Identification Number.

PM – Preventative Maintenance

PN – Part Number

PROM – Programmable Read-Only Memory

PSI – Pounds per Square Inch

PTO – Power Take Off

PVS – Ported-Vacuum Switch

PWR – Power


R-12 – Freon, a type of refrigerant – CFC-12

R-134a – A type of refrigerant that is environmentally safe – HFC-134a

R-22 – A type of Refrigerant – HCFC-22

RAM – Random Access Memory

RF – Radio Frequency

RF – Right Front

RO – Repair Order

ROM – Read Only Memory

RPM – Revolutions per Minute

R&R – Remove and Replace

RR – Right Rear

RV – Recreational Vehicle

RWD – Rear-Wheel Drive


SAE – Society of Automotive Engineers

SDS – Safety Data Sheet

SPFI – Sequential-Port Fuel Injection

SOHC – Single Overhead Cam

SUV – Sport Utility Vehicle


TDC – Top Dead Center

TACH – Tachometer

TIG – Tungsten Inert Gas

TOC – Transmission Oil Cooler

TPI – Tuned Port Injection

TPS – Throttle Position Sensor

TSB – Technical Service Bulletin


V-6 – Six Cylinder Engine with pistons arranged in a “V” shape

V-8 – Eight Cylinder Engine with pistons arranged in a “V” shape

VIN – Vehicle Identification Number

VOC – Volatile Organic Compound


WHL – Wheel

ZEV – Zero Emission Vehicle


2WD Two-Wheel Drive

4WD Four-Wheel Drive

4X4 Four-Wheel Drive


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